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About Snake Wrangler

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Snake Catcher Melbourne

Melbourne's Snake Catcher

Mark Pelley The SNAKE HUNTER is sometimes referred to as "The Snake Wrangler". Mark is Melbourne's own snake catcher and snake handler.  With a lifetime of experience dealing with Australian animals, Mark Pelley is your best choice when it comes to removing a snake from your property.
As a snake catcher, Mark is licensed with the Departmenet of Environment, Land Water and Planning to come to your house, school or business to safely capture and remove snakes. Mark is fully insured for your peace of mind.
Mark Pelley (the Snake Hunter) has removed countless venomous snakes from homes, backyards, schools and more over the years. He is well known in the community as having a strong reputation for friendliness, professionalism and enthusiasm for the protection of native Australian wildlife.
Mark frequently appears in the media for his work around snakes. To see Mark in the media click HERE.
To go to The main page of The SNAKE HUNTER, click HERE.
To learn more about MARK PELLEY, click HERE.
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Reptile Shows in Melbourne

Melbourne's Reptile Shows

The Snake Hunter's reptile shows are extremely popular with schools, kindergartens, businesses, mums, dads, festivals and more! We offer:
Educational, fun, interactive hands on shows for children in kindergarten and schools to learn about native reptiles or snake safety. These are very popular with local schools. To learn more, click HERE.
Bring lizards, frogs, turtles, snakes, geckos, dragons, monitors and yes CROCODILES to your next birthday party! Get to hold the reptiles to take photos for memories that will last a lifetime. To learn more, Click HERE.
The Snake Hunter offers comprehensive and audience appropriate education on venomous snake safety and awareness. This has been used by Kindergartens, Schools, Victoria Police, CFA and businesses to keep safe from snakes. To learn more, click HERE.
Bring your next corporate event or office party to life with reptiles. Your staff will love to hold the animals and take photos to create memories throughout the office for years to come. Book in a show now by clicking HERE.


Canine Snake Avoidance Training

Protect Dogs From Snakes

During the peak snake season, The Snake Hunter gets about 5 calls a week from dog owners who have lost their pet to a snakebite. As a result, Mark Pelley did a short documentary on his journey to learn about how to teach dogs to avoid snakes. During this journey, Mark flew to Perth to meet Seth Pywell, Founder of Canine Snake Avoidance in Australia who taught Mark how to teach dogs to avoid snakes.
Following, Mark now is the only person in Victoria trained by Seth Pywell to teach dogs to avoid snakes. In this comprehensive 2 day program, dogs are taught to avoid snakes upon visual or olfactory (smell) identification of a snake.
Classes are taught 1:1, pairs or small groups. We can come out to you. Mark can train dogs of all sizes from small Chihuahuas to large 55kg  Burnese Mountain dogs such as the one in the photo here.
To book in your dog for canine snake avoidance training, click on the link below to learn more or call 0403 875 409

About Mark Pelley

Mark Pelley

Mark Pelley, also known as The Snake Hunter is a son of migrant parents to Australia who grew up in Diamond Creek, Melbourne. Mark has always had a fascination with reptiles and decided to make his passion his profession in 2012.
Since 2016, Mark was called The Snake Hunter and has frequently appeared in the media for rescuing snakes (and a crocodile) from the general public in homes, hospitals and more. Mark Pelley is frequently consulted by media for advice on snakes, canine snake avoidance and more.
Mark Pelley is a dedicated family man who operates as a sole parent to 4 beautiful daughters aged 18, 15, 11 and 7.
Mark Pelley has a diverse and extensive educational and work background including mental health, government, security, migration law, management roles and health. He currently is a registered mental health nurse, also works part time in migration law in addition to running his Snake Hunter business.
To learn more about Mark Pelley, call 0403 875 409 or click on the link below:
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